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This is meant only as a example and a poor quick one at that. All parts are here and more so feel free to rearrange and Fun/  Also Feel free to use Parts and acceroceries from any other Kit to really make it yours.Parts:  


ezwomn part preview  To Get This Actual Kit and More? Go to Our EZBuilder Site

        –Instructions: Download By Clicking on the title of the Kit you would like to use. This is NOT the Kit it is just for information only.Hint: You can also mix and match parts from different kits to make even more. I try to keep the image sizes Approx the same. Of course some resizing may be required when doing that.

You may then Use PSP.s Animation Shop if you wish or your own Fav Flash or Animation editor,

A very Simple and one I recommend for those who have never done Animation before and even for those who have.

But they simply want to do a little simple adjusting and putting together of segments such as these.

Is Ulead Gif Animator. They have several Programs. To put these together I recommend U Lead Gif Animator 5 You can get those below. Along with some other great ones.

The 3d one is good to add some animated backgrounds to these as well. There really Cannot be any true instruction’s given with these as there really IS no right or wrong way to Do them.

I simply supply the parts. I try to vary the parts enough to give you as much freedom of expression as I can think of when I create them.

These Parts are ALL inspired and/or created from other peoples great work. Which I have destroyed. Just for you!! So Let’s Remember to Thank them as well. At NO Time are ANY OF these to be used for any material Gain or profit. They are provided FREE of Charge and Shall remain SO!! IF anyone ever tries to Charge you for one of these? Slap them!! Then tell em EZ said NO!!!! If you need help with the Gif Animator look for my TUT on it. Happy Animating!!! uleadgifanimat…zip

Gif Animator 5 ESD full version
no code needed 🙂


Animate your images with Ulead GIF-X.Plugin.This $$$
$$$ collection of 12 high-end secial effects will $$$
$$$ take any image or selection and output as instant $$$
$$$ GIF animations. GIF-X lets you take your company $$$
$$$ logo and wrap it onto a spinning 3D globe, create $$$
$$$ a waving flag, a glowing neon sign, and more. $$$
$$$ $$$
$$$ Ulead GIF-X.Plugin works as a plug-in for any $$$
$$$ Photoshop 32-bit compatible image editor (such $$$
$$$ as Paint Shop Pro.) GIF-X also works inside Ulead $$$
$$$ GIF Animator 4.


,$$’ ········——–== ¦= DiZCRiPTiON =¦==——–······· `$$,
$$’ `$$
$$P date………………..: 14 nov 2001 4$$
$$’ diskz……………….: 06 `$$
$$ type………………..: graphix $$
$$ OS………………….: winALL $$
$$ $$
$$ WhatÆs new in version 3.5? $$
$$ v 3D Vector-based FlashÖ Output û EnVector module $$
$$ v Instant wireframe display $$
$$ v Lightning plug-in effect for electrical pulse effects $$
$$ v Text Wave plug-in effect for text and objects $$
$$ v Texture Emboss for giving textured surfaces a realistic look $$
$$ v 4 new Geometric Shapes: Single Cone, Frustum, Metaball, Torus $$
$$ v Import Adobe« Illustrator« (AI) files $$
$$ v Output to Raster- and Vector-based Macromedia« FlashÖ (SWF) file format$$
$$ v Output to RealNetworks« RealVideo« (RM) file format $$
$$ $$
$$ Ulead« COOL 3DÖ 3.5 is a comprehensive package that allows designers of $$
$$ all levels to create high-impact, animated 3D titles and graphics for $$
$$ the Web, video and presentations. The programÆs intuitive interface and $$
$$ expanded creative options allow users to get started right away on $$
$$ professional-quality output. Banner ads, 3D titles for video, and 3D $$
$$ animations are just a few of the possibilities with COOL 3D. $$

Anim-FX is a Flash text effect animator for the PC. With Anim-FX
you can create animated Flash text effects – such as Flash intros,
Flash splash screens and Flash banners for your website – fast and
easy. Anim-FX is a very compact tool based on a wide range of
animation templates. The unique thing about Anim-FX is that the
positioning of the text and the number of text lines is flexible

Flash Tutorials and Free Files for Cartoonists and Other Flash Developers

ImageMagick: Convert, Edit, and Compose Images

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